I Was Hacked!

I Was Hacked!


Well maybe, maybe not.
But if I wasn’t, it was a close call.

I was multi-tasking.
I was listening to a webinar and washing dishes.

When the webinar ended, I heard a man’s voice.

He was saying my computer has been hacked and
my credit card info was being transmitted to
their database at that very minute.

The only way to stop it was to call the Microsoft
toll free number on the screen.

NO! that won’t be Microsoft!

My #1 Rule …

Not always easy.
But it’s always better to take a minute to think.

My first instinct was to exit the browser.
But, the screen was locked and wouldn’t close.
So, I went into Task Manager and ended the task.

Next, I went to my virus protection program.
I’ve used AVG for years and it’s always kept me safe.
But, AVG was turned off.
Did the hacker do that? COULD the hacker do that?

I turned on AVG and ran a complete scan.
It found 2 viruses and quarantined them.

I rebooted and everything looked normal.

I’ve been checking my credit cards every day.
No problem there.

It still bothers me that I was on a trusted site when this happened.
It was a pop up that seemed to come out of nowhere.

I was lucky.
But, I also like to think I’m careful.

Here’s my advice …

Use a virus protection program that updates often.
Make sure it’s turned on and protecting your system.
Run a complete scan at least once a week.
I trust AVG.


Marilyn Kvasnok

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About Marilyn Marilyn Kvasnok is a home based, online network marketer, helping others to generate serious income on the internet. As the Internet evolves, she's constantly sorting thru the tools to find the ones that work. And she's sharing them with you.

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